NGV station information
ข้อมูลปั้ม NGV

Here are some information regarding NGV station.

There are generally 2 kinds of stations:
1-Station on NGV pipeline
2-Remote station (sometimes referred to as daughter station)

The station on NGV pipeline is a simple station that would get the Natural Gas directly
from the pipeline and pass it through a compressor and then compressor pass it on to the
dispensers/filling-point that fills to the car.

The remote station is a little more complex. This remote configuration is needed for stations which do not have direct access to Natural Gas pipelines.
For this configuration, the component needed are:
- Mother station-Access to pipeline in a remote location with compressor to compress gas and load it to the transport truck which carries cylinders in cascade
- Transport truck which would carry the cylinders in cascade
- Space in station to off-load the loaded cylinder cascade from the transport-truck
- Compressor and Dispenser at the daughter station

For this, the stes are as follow:
1)Truck which carry the empty cylinder cascades would go to the Mother station and get the cylinder cascades filled up (generally higher than normal working pressure, for example, if working pressure is 200bar then these cylinders spec would be 250bar and would be filled at 250bar)
2)Truck go to the daughter-station then unloads the cylinder cascades filled with gas there
3)Compressor at the daughter-station uses the cylinder cascades as input (instead of using the pipeline)
4)The compressor would pass the gas to the dispenser/filling-point for filling the cars